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Journées du Karst 2017 - Workshop Karsts et Bassins  SédimentairesJournées du Karst 2017 - Workshop Karsts et Bassins Sédimentaires
mercredi 30 août 2017
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La Société géologique de France organise et parraine chaque année des réunions scientifiques & techniques. Elle  annonce également les manifestations scientifiques organisés par ses associations partenaires, celles des institutions internationales auxquelles elle est liée, ainsi que les réunions des associations avec lesquelles elle a signé un protocole d'accord :

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First EAGE Workshop on Pore Pressure Predictiondimanche 19 mars 2017 - mardi 21 mars 2017Manifestation organisée par une association partenaire à la SGF
Voir l'affiche de l'évènement


On 19-21 March 2017, Palais Beaumont in Pau, France, will be the decor of the First EAGE Workshop on Pore Pressure Prediction which will be organized in coöperation with SPE. Themed 'At the Well Scale from Today to Tomorrow, State of the Art, Recent Progress and Technology Gap', the objective of the workshop is to provide a forum to share technical and organizational practices, propose solutions and discuss research approaches to resolve outstanding technical challenges. You are invited to contribute to the technical programme by submitting an abstract before the deadline of 1 November 2016

                                     Click here for more information on the workshop


You are invited to submit an abstract on one of the following topics and subtopics:

  1. Pore and Fracture Team interfaces
    1. What information is supplied by Pressure Prediction Teams and in what number of curves/scenario, type of Frac curves, uncertainties, etc.
    2. How does the drilling team deal with PP/FG curves and associated uncertainties (well design, contingencies, etc.)
  2. Pore Pressure/Fracture Gradient Prediction in Difficult Environments
    1. What alternative approaches are used when the standard method is not working - case studies
    2. How do we deal with the frontier domain (no calibration, unknown basin and geology, etc.) - case studies
  3. Monitoring of PP/FG while Drilling and Updating the Model
    1. Which approach/tools are used to monitor Pore Pressure and Fracture gradient while drilling
    2. Is the pre-drill model updated with the acquired data/observations while drilling and how
  4. Future Needs and New Research: What Can We Do in the Industry to Identify and Create the Next Game Changer?


For more information, please visit theevent website, send ane-mail or
download thefirst announcement