Thèse : From grains to rocks: The evolution of mechanical and hydraulic properties during diagenesis

Secteur d'activité : Recherche et enseignement

Employeur : Univesité de Strasbourg

Localisation : Strasbourg

Description :

Supervised by Mike Heap (University of Strasbourg, France) and Fabian Wadsworth (Durham University, UK/Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich).

The microstructural properties of rock (e.g., grain and pore size and shape) exert control over their macroscopic behaviour (e.g., strength and permeability). However, understanding the role of an individual microstructural attribute is challenging using natural rocks, due to their inherent heterogeneity. This project aims to better understand the mechanical and hydraulic properties of rock using suites of (carefully fabricated) fused-glass-bead samples. The data acquired in this study will allow us to vastly improve model predictions, routinely used in many aspects of geoscience and engineering while still only relying on simple-to-measure microstructural metrics.

Our project can therefore inform on topics as diverse as reservoir management and optimisation and volcanic eruption occurrence.

Profil :

The student will be based in Strasbourg (France) but will likely travel to and from Durham (UK) and Munich (Germany) during the project. The likely starting date for the three-year Ph.D would be September-October 2018.

Please email Mike Heap for further details, information on how to apply, and/or if you have any questions (