Mining Engineer F/M

Secteur d'activité : Ressources minérales

Employeur : Imerys

Localisation :


As a qualified Mining Engineer you will be responsible for providing guidance, technical support, operational services and improvements to mine managers and other mining engineers throughout the Imerys operations worldwide.

As a Corporate Mining Engineer you will provide to Divisions and sites expert support on :

  • mining methods and principles,

  • mine design and strategic mine planning,

  • mining equipment studies and operational improvement studies.

You will participate to improve the Safety in IMERYS mines by :

  • leading safety webinars,

  • preparing best practice guidelines

  • participating to Safety audits (MSR)

You will participate to the deployment of I Cube in mines by :

  • assessing sites maturity with local teams, and areas of improvement

  • preparing actions plans toward improved efficiency

  • supporting sites in the implementation of actions plans

You will contribute to knowledge sharing initiatives throughout the mining community of Imerys.

You will survey state of the art and emerging technologies in the domain of Mining

Missions :

  • To undertake and promote a strategic mine planning vision, using suitable mine optimisation and scheduling software tools.

  • Possess the ability to determine the economics of mining the deposit, plus cost optimisation and cost control.

  • To design mine and quarry phasing options and co-ordinate geological and mine related aspects of environmental impact assessment projects.

  • To work as part of the Corporate team to improve efficiencies of mining processes such as equipment utilisation, loading and hauling practices, grade control, drilling and blasting activities.

  • To participate and contribute in determining the correct mining equipment and mining method to be used at specific mine sites.

  • Promote and drive forward the Imerys Industrial Improvement (I3) programme at our mining operations

  • Be an influential lead in driving forward safety at our mining operations, and compliance to our mining related safety protocols.

  • Contribute to the updating and validating of the mine safety related protocol documents.

  • Following training participate in the internal mine safety audits programme.

  • Possess good presentation and communication skills to facilitate webinar and best practice communication as well as knowledge sharing around the Imerys mining community.

  • Possess good, fundamental knowledge of rock mechanics and geotechnical engineering in order to provide guidance on ground control and slope stability to our mining operations.

  • Promote geotechnical best practices in terms of mine design, waste tip construction and tailings impound construction.

Profil :

  • Mining Engineering degree.

  • 2 to 5 years of mining experience, to include some site based experience.

  • Competency with strategic mine planning and optimisation software tools; such as Whittle, NPVS, MineSched or Deswick.

  • Competency with block modeling or mining software tools; such as Surpac, Leapfrog or Datamine.

  • Familiarity with stress modelling and slope stability software; such as Map3D, FLAC or Slide.

  • Strong personal computer skills with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.

  • English at professional level is a must

  • Conversational ability in another language is a plus

Soft skills:

  • Adaptable in a multi-cultural environment

  • Rigorous and organised

  • Results and actions orientated

  • Analytical and synthetic mind-set,

  • High ethics

  • Enthusiastic and committed

  • Good interpersonal skills

  • Autonomy, self-motivation

  • Team player

Please attach your CV to your application.

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