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Nominations are invited for the position of Treasurer of the European Federation of Geologists.

You are respectfully reminded of the rules for submittal of valid nominations :

  • Nominations  for  the  vacant  post  shall  be  submitted  in  writing  to  the  Supervisory Committee by any Full Member;
  • Each Full Member may nominate only one candidate for each vacant position;
  • Nominees shall be Members of Council, that is, an officially appointed delegate of one of the Full Members;
  • Each nomination shall be supported by a brief resume of the Candidate's experience and a statement as to their suitability for the post;
  • Each nomination shall be supported by a statement from the nominee that they are willing  to  stand  for  election  as  an  Officer  and  his/her  electoral  proposals  of  the objectives and achievements for the period of their election.

Nominations, including the supporting information, are to be submitted to the Office (info.efg@eurogeologists.eu), marked for the attention of the Supervisory Committee (see below), and received by Tuesday 18th April 2017. Nominations received after this date will not be accepted.