Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2008, t. 179, n°1

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Janvier 2008
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TRIBOVILLARD N., LYONS T. W., RIBOULLEAU A. and BOUT-ROUMAZEILLES V. – A possible capture of molybdenum during early diagenesis of dysoxic sediments (6 fig., 2 tabl.)

CHAROY† B. and BARBEY P. – Ferromagnesian silicate association in S-type granites: The Darongshan granitic complex (Guangxi, South China) (8 fig., 8 tabl.)

SÉRANNE M., BRUGUIER O. and MOUSSAVOU M. – U-Pb Single Zircon grain dating of Present fluvial and Cenozoic aeolian sediments from Gabon : Consequences on sediment provenance, reworking, and erosion processes on the Equatorial West African Margin (9 fig., 1 tabl)

DETRICHE S., BREHERET J.-G., ZARKI H., KARRAT L'H., MACAIRE J.-J. and FONTUGNE M. – Late Holocene palaeohydrology of lake Afourgagh (Middle-Atlas, Morocco) from deposit geometry and facies (5 fig., 1 tabl.)
DIENI I., MASSARI F. and MÉDUS J. – Age, depositional environment and stratigraphic value of the Cuccuru 'e Flores Conglomerate: insight into the Palaeogene to Early Miocene geodynamic evolution of Sardinia (15 fig.)

VAN BAELEN H. and SINTUBIN M. – Kinematic consequences of an angular unconformity in simple shear: an example from the southern border of the Lower Palaeozoic Rocroi inlier (Naux, France) (13 fig.)

CRÔNIER C. and VAN VIERSEN A. – The 'Mur des douaniers', an exceptionally well-preserved Early Eifelian fossil site (3 fig.)