Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2008, t. 179, n°3

Mai 2008
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TURPIN M., EMMANUEL L. and RENARD M. – Nature and origin of carbonate particles along a transect on the western margin of Great Bahama Bank (Middle Miocene): sedimentary processes and depositional model (8 fig., 1 tabl.)

ROBASZYNSKI F., AMÉDRO F., GONZÁLEZ-DONOSO J.-M. and LINARES D. – The Albian (Vraconnian)-Cenomanian boundary at the western Tethyan margins (Central Tunisia and southeastern France) (8 fig., 6 pl.)

CHERCHI A., MANCIN N., MONTADERT L., MURRU M., PUTZU M.-T., SCHIAVINOTTO F. and VERRUBBI V. – The stratigraphic response to the Oligo-Miocene extension in the western Mediterranean from observations on the Sardinia graben system (Italy) (12 fig., 2 pl.)

DANELIAN T., DE WEVER P. and DURAND-DELGA M. – Revised Radiolarian ages for the sedimentary cover of the Balagne ophiolite (Corsica, France). Implications for the palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Balano-Ligurian margin (5 fig., 1 pl.)

BONNET C., MALAVIEILLE J. and MOSAR J. – Surface processes versus kinematics of thrust belts: impact on rates of erosion, sedimentation, and exhumation - Insights from analogue models (15 fig., 2 movies)

LAGABRIELLE Y. and CHAUVET A. – The role of extensional tectonics in shaping Cenozoic New-Caledonia (10 fig.)