Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2009, t. 180, n°2

Réf : BSGF180/2

Mars 2009
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SIZARET S., MARCOUX E., BOYCE A., JÉBRAK M., STEVENSON R. and ELLAM R. – Isotopic (S, Sr, Sm/Nd, D, Pb) evidences for multiple sources in the Early Jurassic Chaillac F-Ba ore deposit (Indre, France) (8 fig., 4 tabl.)

CARUSO A., CENSI P., ARICÒ P., MELI C. and SPROVIERI M. – Astronomical dating of two new Pliocene alkaline volcanic ash layers in the Capo Rossello area (Southern Sicily, Italy): implications for the beginning of the rifting in the Sicily Channel (8 fig., 2 tabl.)

MASSE J.-P., VILLENEUVE M., LEONFORTE E. and NIZOU J. – Block tilting of the North Provence early Cretaceous carbonate margin : stratigraphic, sedimentologic and tectonic data (8 fig., 1 tabl.)

QUESNE D., BUTA-NETO A., BÉNARD D. and GUIRAUD M. – Distribution of Albian clastic deposits in the Benguela Basin (Angola): evidence of a Benguela palaeocurrent? (15 figs)

ARMYNOT DU CHÂTELET E., DEGRÉ D., SAURIAU P.-G. and DEBENAY J.-P. – Distribution of living benthic foraminifera in relation with environmental variables within the Aiguillon cove (Atlantic coast, France): improving knowledge for paleoecological interpretation (8 fig., 3 tabl.)

CHANTHASIT P. and BUFFETAUT E. – New data on the Dromaeosauridae (Dinosauria: Theropoda) from the Late Cretaceous of southern France (7 fig., 1 tabl.)

LIN J.-Y., SIBUET J.-C., HSU S.-K., LEE C.-S. and KLINGELHOEFER F. – Seismicity and volcanism in the southwestern Okinawa Trough (northeast Taiwan) (9 fig., 2 pl.)