Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2010, t. 181, n°2

Mars 2010
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Volume thématique: Symposium ASF-SGF : Vallées incisées et plates-formes. Caen 23-25 octobre 2007

Chaumillon E., Tessier B. and Reynaud J.-Y. – Stratigraphic records and variability of incised valleys and estuaries along French coasts (3 fig., 1 tabl.)
Tessier B., Delsinne N. and Sorrel P. – Holocene sedimentary infilling of a tide-dominated estuarine mouth. The example of the macrotidal Seine estuary (NW France) (7 fig., 1 tabl.)
Tessier B., Billeaud I. and Lesueur P. (2010). – Stratigraphic organisation of a composite macrotidal wedge: the Holocene sedimentary infilling of the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay (NW France) (9 fig., 3 tabl.)
Menier B., Tessier B., Proust J.-N., Baltzer A., Sorrel P. and Traini C. – The Holocene transgression as recorded by incised-valley infilling in a rocky coast context with low sediment supply (southern Brittany, western France) (9 fig., 1 tabl.)
Proust J.-N., Renault M., Guennoc P. and Thinon I. – Sedimentary architecture of the Loire River drowned valleys of the French Atlantic shelf (12 fig.)
Allard J., Chaumillon E., Bertin X., Poirier C. and Florian Ganthy F. – Sedimentary record of environmental changes and human interferences in a macrotidal bay for the last millenaries: the Marennes-Oléron Bay (SW France) (14 fig., 1 tabl.)
Féniès H., Lericollais G. and Posamentier H.W. – Comparison of wave- and tide-dominated incised valleys : specific processes controlling systems tract architecture and reservoir geometry (10 fig.)
Tesson M, Labaune C., Gensous B. and Delhaye-Prat V. – Quaternary compound incised valleys of the Roussillon coast (SE France): correlation of seismic data with core data (9 fig., 2 tabl.)
Ferrer P., Benabdellouahed M., Certain R., Tessier B., Barusseau J.-P. and Bouchette F. – The Late Holocene sediment infilling and beach barrier dynamics of the Thau lagoon (Gulf of Lions, Mediterranean sea, SE France) (8 fig., 2 tabl.)
Raynal O., Bouchette F., Certain R., Sabatier P., Lofi J., Séranne M., Dezileau L., Briqueu L., Ferrer P. and Courp T. – Holocene evolution of a languedocian lagoonal environment controlled by inherited coastal morphology (Northern Gulf of Lions, France) (10 fig., 1 tabl.)