Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2011, t. 182, n°3

Juin 2011
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SALLES L., FORD M., JOSEPH P., LE CARLIER DE VESLUD C. and LE SOLLEUZ A. – Migration of a synclinal depocentre from turbidite growth strata: the Annot syncline, SE France (17 figs)

ANDRÉ J.-P., BARTHET Y., FERRANDINI M., FERRANDINI J., REYNAUD J.-Y. and TESSIER B. – The Bonifacio formation (Miocene of Corsica): transition from a wave- to tide-dominated coastal system in mixed carbonate-siliciclastic setting (7 figs)

Anquetin J. – Evolution and palaeoecology of early turtles: a review based on recent discoveries in the Middle Jurassic (4 figs)

SANDOVAL J., MARTÍNEZ G. and URETA S. – Upper Toarcian-lower Bajocian (Jurassic) Hammatoceratoidea (Ammonitina) of the Betic Cordillera (southern Spain): biostratigraphy and zonal correlations (11 figs)

PLAZIAT J.-C. – Bernard Palissy (1510-1590) and the French geologists: a critical reappraisal concerning the founding naturalist and his rustic ceramics (5 figs, 2 tabl.)