Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2012, t. 183, n°6

Réf : BSGF183/6

Novembre 2012
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FALCONNET J. – First evidence of a bolosaurid parareptile in France (?latest Carboniferous-Early Permian of the Autun basin) and the spatiotemporal distribution of the family

STEYER J.S., SANCHEZ S., DEBRIETTE P.J., VALLI A.M.F., ESCUILLIÉ F., POHL B., DESCHAMBRE R.P., VACANT R., SPENCE C. & PLOËG G. DE – A new vertebrate Lagerstätte from the Lower Permian of France (Franchesse, Massif Central): palaeoenvironmental: implications for the Bourbon-l'Archambault basin

EVANS S.E., JONES M.E.H. and MATSUMOTO R. – A new lizard skull from the Purbeck Limestone Group (Lower Cretaceous) of England

BUFFETAUT E. – An early azhdarchid pterosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of the eastern Paris basin

ROČEK Z., GARDNER J.D., EATON J.G. and PŘIKRYL T. – Similarities and differences in the ilia of Late Cretaceous anurans and urodeles

GHEERBRANT E. and ASTIBIA H. – Addition to the Late Cretaceous Laño mammal faunule (Spain), and to the knowledge of European "Zhelestidae" (Lainodontinae nov.)

LE LOEUFF J. – Paleobiogeography and biodiversity of Late Maastrichtian dinosaurs: how many dinosaur species went extinct at the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary?

CAVIN L., ANTONARAKOU A., ALEXOPOULOS A. and PIUZ A. – Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) ray-finned fishes from the Island of Gavdos, southern Greece, with comments on the evolutionary history of the aulopiform teleost Enchodus.

BARDET N. – Maastrichtian marine reptiles of the Mediterranean Tethys: a palaeobiogeographical approach

PRASAD G.V.R. – Vertebrate biodiversity of the Deccan Volcanic Province of India: A comprehensive review

GARDNER J.D. – Revision of Piceoerpeton Meszoely (Caudata: Scapherpetontidae) and description of a new species from the late Maastrichtian and ?early Paleocene of western North America.

KRISTENSEN H.V., CUNY G., RASMUSSEN A.R. & MADSEN H. – Earliest record of the fossil snake Palaeophis from the Paleocene/Eocene boundary in Denmark

SULLIVAN R.M., AUGÉ M., WILLE E. and SMITH R. – A new glyptosaurine lizard from the earliest Eocene of Dormaal, Belgium

TONG H., HIRAYAMA R. and TABOUELLE J. – Puppigerus camperi (Testudines: Cryptodira: Cheloniidae) from the Ypresian (Early Eocene) of Ouled Abdoun basin, Morocco

CLAUDE J., ZHANG J., LI J., MO J., KUANG X. and TONG H. – Geoemydid turtles from the Late Eocene Maoming basin, southern China

AUGÉ M. and POUIT D. – Presence of iguanid lizards in the European Oligocene. Lazarus taxa and fossil abundance

SZYNDLAR Z. – Early Oligocene to Pliocene Colubridae of Europe: a review

BAILON S. et AUGE M. – Un nouveau genre, Ragesaurus (Squamata, Anguidae, Anguinae), du Pléistocène inférieur des îles Medas (Catalogne, Espagne)