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Bulletin de la Société géologique de France 2013, t. 184, n°1-2

Réf : BSGF184/1-2

Janvier-mars 2013 / 196 pages
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LEBRUN J.-F. and MARCAILLOU B. – Introduction to “Caribbean geosciences” (1 fig.)

VILLENEUVE M. and MARCAILLOU B. – Pre-Mesozoic origin and paleogeography of blocks in the Caribbean, South Appalachian and West African domains and their impact on the post “variscan” evolution (8 figs)

LARDEAUX J.-M., MÜNCH P., CORSINI M., CORNÉE J.-J., VERATI C, LEBRUN J.-F., QUILLÉVÉRÉ F., MELINTEDOBRINESCU M., LÉTICÉE J.-L., FIETZKE J., MAZABRAUD Y., CORDEY F. and RANDRIANASOLO A. – La Desirade island (Guadeloupe, French West Indies): a key target for deciphering the role of reactivated tectonic structures in Lesser Antilles arc building (11 figs, 1 tabl.)

CORRAL I., GÓMEZ-GRAS D., GRIERA A., CORBELLA M. and CARDELLACH E. – Sedimentation and volcanism in the Panamanian Cretaceous intra-oceanic arc and forearc: New insights from the Azuero Peninsula (SW Panama) (5 figs, 2 tabl.)

GUTSCHER M.-A., WESTBROOK G.K., MARCAILLOU B., GRAINDORGE D., GAILLER A., PICHOT T. and MAURY R.C. – How wide is the seismogenic zone of the Lesser Antilles forearc? (7 figs, 1 tabl.)

VALMY L.A. and VAILLANT J. – Statistical models in seismology: Lesser Antilles arc case (6 figs, 2 tabl.)

MEIGHAN H.E. and PULLIAM J. – Seismic anisotropy beneath the northeastern Caribbean: implications for the subducting North American lithosphere (6 figs, 1 tabl.)

GAILLER L., MARTELET G., THINON I., BOUCHOT V., LEBRUN J.-F. and MÜNCH P. – Crustal structure of Guadelpupe islands and the Lesser Antilles arc from a new gravity and magnetic synthesis (11 figs, 3 tabl.)

MÜNCH P., LEBRUN J.-F., CORNÉE J.-J., THINON L, GUENNOC P., MARCAILLOU B., BEGOT J., BERTRAND G., BES DE BERC S., BISCARRAT K., CLAUD C., DE MIN L., FOURNIER F., GAILLER L., GRAINDORGE D., LÉTICÉE J.-L., MARIE L., MAZABRAUD Y., MELINTE-DOBRINESCU M., MOISSETTE P., QUILLÉVÉRÉ F., VERATI C. and RANDRIANASOLO A. – Pliocene to Pleistocene carbonate systems of the Guadeloupe archipelago, French Lesser Antilles: a land and sea study (the KaShallow project) (10 figs)

MITCHELL S.F. – Stratigraphy of the White Limestone of Jamaica (3 figs, 1 tabl., 1 pl.)

PATRIER P., BRUZAC S., PAYS R., BEAUFORT D., BOUCHOT V., VERATI C. and GADALIA A. – Occurrence of K-feldspar-bearing hydrothermal breccias in the Bouillante geothermal field (Basse Terre – Guadeloupe) (9 figs, 1 tabl.)

LALUBIE G. – Volcanic hydro-geomorphology of the Montagne Pelee and the rediscovery of an ancestral problematic (Carib, Kalinago) in the Lesser Antilles (5 figs, 1 tabl.)

AUBAUD C., ATHANASE J.-E., CLOUARD V., BARRAS A.-V. and SEDAN O. – A review of historical lahars, floods, and landslides in the Prêcheur river catchment (Montagne Pelée volcano, Martinique island, Lesser Antilles) (8 figs, 4 tabl.)

CLOUARD V., ATHANASE J.-E. and AUBAUD C. – Physical characteristics and triggering mechanisms of the 2009-2010 landslide crisis at Montagne Pelée volcano, Martinique: implication for erosional processes and debris-flow hazards (8 figs)

MANDAL A. and MAHARAJ A. – Flooding in Jamaica with assessment of riverine inundation of Port Maria, St Mary (7 figs, 1 tabl.)

RAMEAU H.G., PREPETIT C. and VERBRUGGE J.-C. – A suitable methodology for assessing impacts of successive rainfalls infiltration on road slope stability (11 figs, 8 tab.)

BERENGUER J.-L., COURBOULEX F., TOCHEPORT A. and BOUIN M.-P. – Tuned in to the Earth ... from the school. EduSismo: the French educational seismological network (7 figs)

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